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What's going on, friends? You may have heard that for the last 6 months, Android Sex Games went through a rather selective and private beta period where we wanted a select few gamers to come on in and give us their opinions of the gaming experience we provided. Today, I'm happy to announce that Android Sex Games is open for business to any customer who feels like signing up and being a part of the experience! As you can probably figure out from the title, we're mainly geared toward giving people access here who are on Android devices, so if you fit that ticket and you want to see what it is we've been working on, there has never been a better time to get involved in the process. We're highly revered by regular gamers here with an adult taste because the end products we pump out are so damn fantastic. We're also very strict with our target audience too: we want to invite all of the Android gamers here to come check out the porn games we offer, simply because we haven't bothered to optimize our systems or experiences for folks who don't have a Google-led phone. So, do you want to see for yourself what fun is waiting inside Android Sex Games? Create an account today and see what's going on if so!

A huge database

We've always been concerned that the common strategy for porn developers these days is to put all of their eggs into one basket and to only offer a specific, tailored collection of porn games that don't meet the expectations or desires of everyone out there on the Web. To combat this problem where people are often left empty handed, we've adopted a system that puts numbers of games first – so long as the quality is decent enough for people to be happy with what it is we're doing. Android Sex Games has managed to demonstrate time and time again that our schemes in this space are absolutely magical, plus we're always going to work on publishing fresh releases whenever we can. Currently, the total library size of Android Sex Games sits at 55 games: all of which have been produced and published by us. This is an exclusive collection and as a result, you will not be able to find the games that we have anywhere else on the Internet. This is important, because try as others may to get access to our goods – the only way you're going to see what it is we have is to create your account and jump head first into the database. Think you can handle the cache provided by Android Sex Games? There's a very quick and easy way to find out!

Incredible Android optimization

As mentioned, we are a place primarily for Android users to visit and utilize, which means that if you're not connecting here using your mobile phone, it's probably best that you look for another destination. We don't want to alienate anyone from signing up, so by all means consider doing so, but just know that the Android gamers out there are our only concern, and everything is geared toward making sure that they are well and truly satisfied. Currently, connection to our games is done through the browser, so as long as you have Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera, you're good as gold. While it's technically possible that other browsers will work just fine, these are the ones that we will guarantee the ability for you to use without issue. Android Sex Games running this way also means that you don't need to download any files to your phone or have a specific adult-themed app installed: brilliant if you ask us, since it makes it a hell of a lot easier to keep your jerking material safe. We're pragmatic with our choices and don't want you to easily spill the beans that you're a bit of a coomer!

My final words on Android Sex Games

Okay: I think that's probably all I want to talk about right now when it comes to Android Sex Games. I've had a fantastic time exploring this library over the last few years with the developers and I think it's finally time that some fresh meat came to the table and gave us feedback on the experience we're providing everyone. If that sounds like a task you're equipped to do – create a free account right now and within 60 seconds, you could be playing our incredibly fun browser porn games. Cheers for visiting and remember: the one and only spot online for the hottest mobile experience is available exclusively here on Android Sex Games.

Take care, happy fapping and we look forward to seeing you inside soon!

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